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2 Triple B is community owned station run by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers delivering the latest news, music and interviews. Our program is made by local people for local people.

It is through the generosity of our supporters, donors and sponsors who help fund our station that we can remain independent.  By becoming a supporter, you help 2 Triple B stay on the airwaves and continue to keep you in touch with your community.

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Support the Shire

We love the Bellingen Shire so we make it our business to support local music, events, spaces and people.

When you become a station supporter you’re not just helping us, you’re making a better Shire.

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More 2 Triple B supported gigs and events, live broadcasts, and more opportunities for young people to get involved in radio …
Just a few examples of the fun things we get up to with the love and support of our 2 Triple B station supporters.

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We are madly passionate about Mid North Coast NSW music. Without 2 Triple B, where would you find out about all of the amazing local talent we have?

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Radio is free to listen to, but it costs money to make. Sponsorship only covers some of our running costs. Without your support, there is no 2 Triple B. You’ll help keep this independent station on air.

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