Let us help you get the word out about your business!

2 Triple B sponsorship is the best way to showcase your business to a local audience.

You’ll bring your business to the attention of a listening – and buying – audience for less cost than print advertising and none of the work of social media.

With 13,000 people living in the Shire, your message will reach an audience that loves to support and buy local.

All 2 Triple B sponsor fees go straight back into running the station. Your support is what keeps us on air, so we can continue to share the stories of the Bellingen Shire – as well as yours.

It’s the best way to promote local.

Promotional packages

Our fees are competitively priced compared to commercial advertising.

We’re flexible too – we work with sponsors to create value for money packages in line with their promotional goals.

Our production team will work with you to develop and record your announcement, and we’ll help you program your spot for the greatest impact with your budget.

On-air packages are supported with a sponsor profile on our website.

Current deals

Flexible packages

Book your spot to play at peak times or specific shows – preferred placement. Or for a lower cost, you can book a run of station, with your announcement played at varying times across our weekly schedule.

It’s flexible – increase your spot play, change your spots through the year or schedule more frequent spots for intensive periods like sales.

Monthly packages are run within a 30-day period. All rates are based on 30-second duration and are exclusive of GST. Each package includes free production of your first announcement.

Event packages

2 Triple B offers a variety of event sponsorship packages, which can be tailored to your event.

Why sponsor?

Your message will stand out.
Community radio stations can only air five minutes of promotions per hour – unlike twenty minutes for commercial radio.

Unlike commercial radio, our sponsor announcements are not ‘clustered’ with other ads, giving your message more impact.

Radio is an effective way to communicate with new and established audiences.
From promoting an event to introducing your business or sharing important business updates – radio is a personable and powerful medium.

You’ll be recognised as a community focused business providing local services.
Not only in the Bellingen Shire and surrounds – listeners who stream our station online and on world-wide radio apps will hear your message – and remember you as a trusted, community-minded business.

Listeners stay tuned in far longer than TV or social media.
With radio, you can listen while working, driving or relaxing. A perfect opportunity to hear from you as a local or regional business.

Your custom announcement

You can provide your 30-second announcement or have it recorded by the station production team for free. Our sponsor team can assist with your script – we’ll help you get your message across in 30 seconds.
We provide voice-over talent or can work with your voice, as well as music. Original music and lyrics, including jingles, are available for an additional fee.

Sponsorship enquiry

If you’re interested in becoming a 2 Triple B sponsor, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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Sponsorship conditions

  • We require all sponsorships to be suitable broadcast quality and meet community standards for the time slots that are aired within.
  • All sponsorship announcements must include a statement that they are ‘station sponsor’.
  • Additionally, sponsorship is not used as a factor determining access to broadcasting time.
  • It can not be used to influence the content and style of individual programs or the overall programming on the station.
  • You are also responsible to ensure that your sponsorship announcements meet any additional legal obligations that apply to your products and services.
  • Sponsorship messages cannot include any costs or pricing