2 Triple B FM is governed by a Board of Directors elected by 2 Triple B Co-op members each year.

There is a small fee to be a member of 2 Triple B. Members are entitled to vote at AGMs and to stand for the Board. The Board of Directors is responsible for the direction of the station. It develops policies and recruits volunteer staff to undertake duties that will achieve the policies. There are a number of working groups established to coordinate activities such as programming and training, technical support, administrative duties, training and outside broadcasting.

The Board policies guide the work of all volunteers and staff at the station. The Board has developed over the life of the station and current members have been recruited for their expertise across a range of skills including finance, marketing, journalism, business and technical management.

Current Board of Directors

  • Lauren Mills
  • Kye Ruigrok
  • Peter ‘Bufo’ Hanson
  • Adam Norris
  • Jane Grant
  • Kristen Collier