Let us help you get the word out about your event!

Partnering with 2BBB FM can provide a range of benefits beyond traditional promotions allowing you to align your brand with a trusted name in community radio and event coverage.

2BBB FM offers customised promotion and sponsorship partnerships for events and festivals across the Bellingen Shire and Coffs Coast.

2BBB FM can offer extensive coverage and promotion for your event, including on-air announcements, ticket giveaways, social media promotion, and interviews with the artists and organisers. We have a loyal and engaged audience who are always looking for exciting events to attend.


Regular on-air promotion

We’ll keep our listeners up-to-date and aware of everything on your upcoming schedule, including options for pre-recorded event updates and on-air announcements. These announcements can be tailored to your needs.

Program launch

Build the hype – we can provide on-air coverage for your program launch announcement, with on-air coverage half an hour before you go live. We can also schedule your program on our socials – which are embargoed until launch.

Social media promotion

We can share your upcoming events on our social media platforms, reaching an even wider audience and driving further engagement and bookings.

Website promotion

Your upcoming events can be included on our online event calendar, providing an additional platform for potential attendees to discover your program.

Interviews & programming

We can arrange pre-recorded and live interview opportunities for your artists and event team.

For music artists, this can include high-rotation airplay in the lead-up to the event, with shout-outs before or after the track or sponsor announcements.

Live through the desk

Live event recordings

With the artist’s or event’s approval, our team can record performances, and 2BBB FM can arrange to record event performances live to be aired post-event.

We do this live through the sound desks at your event, showcasing the variety and quality of your event program to our listeners to drive engagement for future events. This can include custom Spotify playlists and on-demand content.

Repeat broadcasts

Live recordings can be re-played in the lead-up to returning or similar events to showcase and highlight past performances while encouraging them to attend upcoming events.

Event AV liaison

We are happy to liaise directly with your AV team to manage live recordings, ensuring a smooth and professional process.

Sponsor announcements

Announcement packs

We can run ongoing event announcements, providing consistent promotion. This can include either run of the station or a preferred placement.

Competitions & promotional activities

We can provide ticket giveaways, competitions and promotional activities.

Event sponsorship enquiry

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Sponsorship conditions

  • We require all sponsorships to be suitable broadcast quality and meet community standards for the time slots that are aired within.
  • All sponsorship announcements must include a statement that they are ‘station sponsor’.
  • Additionally, sponsorship is not used as a factor determining access to broadcasting time.
  • It can not be used to influence the content and style of individual programs or the overall programming on the station.
  • You are also responsible to ensure that your sponsorship announcements meet any additional legal obligations that apply to your products and services.
  • Sponsorship messages cannot include any costs or pricing