The Signal

2BBB-fm broadcasts on two frequencies: 93.3 and 107.3 MHz.

From our studios in Wheatley Street, North Bellingen, the 107.3 signal is transmitted via a Studio to Transmitter radio link (850 MHz) to a receiver at the Scothchmans Loop in Bellingen (just past the Primary School). The signal is then fed into the Bellingen transmitter with an output strength of 200 watts and services the immediate township of Bellingen and close outlying regions.

When broadcast the 107.3 signal is received by our Translator Station which is situated on the Francis Lookout on the Dorrigo Plateau. The Dorrigo translator has an output strength of 1,500 watts (1.5kw) and broadcasts on 93.3 MHz. This signal services further outlying areas of the Shire and as far as Nambucca Heads, Kempsey and Port Macquarie.

There is now also a Live Stream operating over the Internet