Our independent mudbrick - all volunteer - non-profit community radio station has been surviving for over 30 years with the help of our Listener Subscribers. If you enjoy the unshackled sound of truly independent, home grown radio - go ahead and SUBSCRIBE. We'll love ya for it!!

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2BBB-fm is a community radio station, run by local volunteers

Individuals, families and small groups or organisations can become 2BBB Listener Subscribers. 2BBB Subscribers receive discounts at selected businesses and at 2BBB events. They are also entitled to telephone for on-air giveaways such as cds, books, tickets to events or other prizes. Subscribers receive the quarterly program guide in the post, and of course that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you are supporting a free and independent community media.

Individual subscribers are entitled to use Trading Place free of charge while their subscriptions remains current. This means one year of free classified advertising included in your subscription.

Group/orginations subscriptions entitle the subscriber to six Community Bulletin Board announcements of one week duration each year to publicise events and projects. (This would normally cost $25 a week.) Community Bulletin Board announcements are read three times each day from Monday to Saturday.

The annual cost of subscription is:
Youth: $10.00 per year
Individual: $20.00 per year
Family: $30 per year
Community Group/Organisation: $90 per year
All price include GST

Send your cheque, payable to 2BBB to PO Box 304, Bellingen, NSW 2454. For more information call (02) 6655 0718 or email for more information.