Our Services:

Community Bulletin Board

Community Bulletin Board announcements are read three times daily from Monday to Saturday at approximately 8.15am, 12.05pm and 6.05pm. CBB announcements are a cheap and effective way for you to advertise your event to the Bellingen Shire and beyond. That's 18 announcements for $35.00 incl GST per week. Community Groups/Organizations can subscribe click for $90 a year and receive 6 free CBBs.

To place your CBB announcement, click this link to submit an announcement online or call the station on (02) 6655 0718.

Trading Place

Trading Place is a free service reserved for 2BBB Listener Subscribers. While you are a fully paid-up subscriber, you can place as many Trading Place announcements as you like. Trading Place is for people wanting to buy or sell goods, those looking for or offering accommodation, or looking for an item they can't find in a shop. In fact any non-commercial ad that might appear in the classifieds of a newspaper is relevant for Trading Place. To place your Trading Place ad (remember, you must be a current Subscriber) click this link to submit online or, telephone: (02) 6655 0718, fax: (02) 6655 1888. Trading Place is read three times each day after CBB. If you want to become a listener subscriber, click here.

Lost And Found

A free service for people who have lost a pet or have found an animal stray in our area. To place your Lost and Found, telephone: (02) 6655 0718, fax: (02) 6655 1888 or click here

Hitchhiker's Friend

Hitchhiker's Friend announcements are for linking people needing or offering a lift and are free for everyone. For example, you may wish to offer a lift to Sydney, or you may offer to share petrol if someone can drive you to Brisbane or Byron Bay. Hitchhiker's Friend announcements are read three times each day from Monday to Saturday after CBB. To place your Hitchhiker's Friend announcement click here to email us or, telephone the station on (02) 6655 0718, send a fax to (02) 6655 1888.