Our Aims

This station has a commitment to:

Actively encourage participation and experimentation in all aspects of community radio operation by any and all community members, including individuals in such special groups as disabled, aged, housebound, youth, unemployed and sight disabled.

Serve as a channel for the communication and dissemination of information relevant to both the community's and the individual's needs and desires.

Provide comprehensive training in the various facets of broadcasting activities, and the facilities and opportunities to develop and utilise those skills for the benefit of the community.

Produce local news programs and programs of comment on local issues and events which allow participation by representatives of all points of view. Whilst the station's focus is local, its aim is to maintain a clear perspective, and position its coverage objectively and honestly, balanced against the wider backdrop of world events.

Identify and attempt to meet community needs and interests that are not adequately covered by existing media.vi) Register the community's cultural, recreational, education, social, artistic resources, and provide outlets for creative talent.

Promote and present a diversity of quality musical and cultural entertainment.

Provide for a variety in programming so that everyone finds something of interest at some time.

Promote community harmony.

Provide prompt, reliable emergency communications.

If you would like a copy of our Station Rules and Regulations (400kb) please click here